your first visit to our Middlesex dentist
At your first visit we will ask you to tell us about your requirements and any concerns that you may have. After your dentist has completed a detailed examination recommendations regarding your immediate, medium and long term needs will be discussed with you. Particular attention will be given to suggestions regarding the PREVENTION OF FUTURE PROBLEMS.

Nervous Patients

Our practice has a sympathetic approach and can recommend modern methods of sedation and pain relief for your comfort.

These advances have improved the comfort levels associated with the majority of dental procedures. When used in conjunction with our gentle team, we see the signs of anxiety visibly disappearing from our patients faces.

When contacting the dental centre the dental centre to make an appointment, do not be embarrassed to explain you are a nervous patient. Our dental teams will support you through your visit to the centre.

More information for nervous patients can be found here


Children are most welcome at the practice and we always aim to make their visits as calm and as enjoyable as possible. As a bonus children receive a "goody bag" on their first visit to toothKind dentalcare.

Modern Techniques

Modern dentistry has advanced farther and faster than most people realize. We have embraced all of the latest materials and techniques here at toothKind dentalcare, and regularly attend postgraduate seminars to ensure that we always offer you the latest treatments and advice.

Cross Infection Control

This practice is meticulous in all aspects of safety and hygiene. Contaminated items are autoclaved or disposed of. Needles and disposable items are never reused. Gloves are worn routinely. Cross infection policies and protocols which are updated regularly.